Italian pasta

Enjoy it

The Morelli ‘s Ancient Pasta Factory is a family business that produces Italian Pasta with a unique taste since 1860. This family and their Pasta Factory have been able to maintain the high quality of its pasta by using artisan methods that include ancient techniques and the absence of preservatives and dyes.

The Italian pasta that Morelli pasta factory produces contains the wheat germ, an ingredient that is not found in the industrial pasta. The wheat germ is rich in vitamin E, vitamin D and vegetable protein.

Another ingredient of Italian Pasta is the best durum wheat semolina. It is processed only with craft technique. As a result you can have a genuine, rich of flavor and with a thick consistency pasta. You can prepare with it dishes and special menus.

Ancient Morelli’s Pasta Factory is able to obtain different types of pasta:

  • Classic pasta
  • Flavoured pasta
  • Biological pasta

Choose the one you like more and stay connected. We work hard to propose to you new kind of Classic, Flavoured and Biological Pasta.