Mushroom flavoured tagliatelle with yellow pumpkin and courgettes

Ingredients serves 4


250 g. boletus mushroom flavoured tagliatelle
50 g diced bacon
2 green courgettes
100 g pre-washed yellow pumpkin
A medium-sized boletus mushroom
3 spoonfuls of extra virgin Olives oil
A sprig of marjoram
1) Clean any earth from the mushroom and clean with a soft cloth, then dice; do the same for the washed courgettes and the yellow pumpkin.
2) Gently fry the bacon in a pan without adding any fat. Then put aside. Use the same pan to flash fry the courgettes, yellow pumpkin and the boletus mushroom for 6-7 minutes. Then add the bacon.
3) Cook the pasta, drain when cooked and place in the pan with the sauce. Finally add the marjoram leaves and Olives oil and serve immediately.