Artisan Pasta

Morelli’s Artisan Pasta premium quality

The Morelli’s Ancient Pasta Factory is a family business that produces Artisan Pasta since 1860. Today are Lucia, Antonio and Marco Morelli, who carry on the family tradition. The Pasta Factory is able to maintain the high quality of its Artisan Pasta just using ancient technique and avoiding the use of preservatives and dyes.

Morelli’s Artisan Pasta is unique thanks to the wheat germ, an ingredient, that is not found in the standard pasta, which contains vitamin E, vitamin D, and vegetable protein.

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Morelli’s Artisan Pasta is considered of the highest quality, not only because it contains the wheat germ, but also because it is made with the best durum wheat semolina, which is processed only whit craft technique. The result is a healthy Artisan Pasta that is genuine, rich of flavor and a thick consistency.

After years of using the Wheat Germ, the Ancient Morelli’s Pasta Factory is able to obtain an Artisan Pasta with a unique and delicious flavor.

Morelli’s Artisan Pasta, due to its special characteristics, is used by many professional chefs to create dishes and specials menus.
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