Flavoured Pasta

Morelli’s Artisan Flavoured Pasta premium quality

The Morelli’s Ancient Pasta Factory produce Flavoured Pasta since 1860. Today are Lucia, Antonio and MarcoMorelli, who carry on the family tradition and work ard to propose new kind of Classic and Flavoured Pasta.

Morelli’s Artisan Flavoured Pasta is unique, for its taste, concistency and nutritional contents.
Morelli’s Pasta is different from any other kind of pasta thanks to ancient technique and a special ingredient: the wheat germ.

Thank to the wheat germ, that you can’t find in other pasta, our Flavoured and Classic Pasta is rich of vitamin E, vitamin D, and vegetable protein. Moreover it is made only with the best durum wheat semolina and it is processed only whit craft technique. The result? Our Artisan Flavoured Pasta is healthy, genuine, rich of flavor and substantial.

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After years of using the Wheat Germ, the Ancient Morelli’s Pasta Factory is able to obtain many different type of Flavoured Pasta: Red Chilli, Truffles, Olives, Salmon, Porcini Mushrooms, Saffron, Lemon and Pepper, Garlic and Basil, Black Squid Ink, Tomato, Nettle.

Morelli’s Flavoured Pasta, thanks to its special characteristics, is used by many professional chefs to create dishes and specials menus. To enjoy the best Italian Flavoured Pasta you can check our website and find some tasty recipes.

Browsing through our Catalog of Classic and Flavoured Pasta you will discover all varieties and sizes of the Artisan Pasta available.