Italian pasta unique in its gender!

The italian pasta of the ancient Morelli Pasta Factory

The ancient Morelli Pasta Factory since 1860 produces an  Italian Pasta  with a delicious taste unique in its gender.
Throught years of using the wheat germ ingredient the ancient Morelli Pasta Factory has succeeded in obtaining an italian pasta with a unique taste, it selects the best semolina, which is processed according to craft technique.

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Classic Pasta, Pasta with Eggs, Organic Pasta, Flavoured Pasta, Multicolored Pasta and with various shapes.

The secret of our italian pasta is the Wheat Germ that is re-incorporate into the semolina. Thanks to this Pasta keeps an High level of Vitamin E, that is very important for its antioxidant power, and Vitamin D, THAT helps our body in preventing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol.

Those who have tried Pasta Morelli recognize its characteristics; flavor and aroma of wheat, excellent consistency, intake of important nutrients for our health.

The Italian Pasta Morelli be found in prestigious shops both in Italy and abroad.
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An intense aroma and an unmistakable flavor that makes the Morelli Pasta the best Italian Pasta!

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